Holistic Healing therapy can help you heal your past, focus on your present, and manifest your future.

Learn how your past has prepared you for your future and how to make the most of your abilities and opportunities today to bring that future to reality.

Heal your Past

Take a deep dive into your past and learn what is holding you back today and from your optimal future.

Live in the Present

Examine your current path in life and were it is taking you, is that where you want to go?

Manifest your Future

Your future can be whatever you want when you have a realistic plan, we can help you create that plan.

Holistic Healing Therapy in Roseland, NJ

Working with Holistic Healing Support will help you center yourself, while our workshop and courses help you explore the natural Energy Alchemy and Mind-World relationships. Contact us today to get started on your Holistic Healing Therapy courses and workshops. Holistic Healing Therapy offers their services in Roseland, NJ and also available through the internet via online video .

From birth, we make decisions that change our paths in life. Such decisions become milestones in our life. Rediscover your path in life with Holistic Healing Therapy modalities such as Meditation, Mindfulness Training, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, and more available on our website., contact us for appointments.

It’s time to unlock your potential and remove energetic blocks that get in the way of healing and living a more actualized life.​ Begin your Holistic Healing courses today to get started on unlocking your true life potential. You can find more information on our modalities by contacting us at help@holistichealingsupport.com or on our website holistichealingsupport.com.

If your seeking an adventure into rediscovering yourself and to realign your life path, work with our Holistic Healers in Roseland, NJ or available through the internet via online video. With years of experience in spiritual Therapeutics and modalities our Holistic Healers will guide you on your Holistic Healing journey.

Individual and Couples

Work with us one on one for personal guidance through your journey.

Workshops & Groups

Join one of our workshops for an in-depth program with a focus on a selected topic.

Holistic Training Courses

Take a deep dive into your spirituality and learn a wide range of tools and techniques.

Meet Holistic Healer Fred Kluth

Counselor – Healer – Trauma Expert

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Meet Holistic Healer Dhyāna Kluth

Counselor  – Healer – Energy Healing Specialist

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Holistic Healing Tools

Intuitive Readings

Developmental Psychology


Energy Healing


Mindfulness Training

Chakra Clearing & Balancing